DevOps Consulting Services

Accelerate your journey to high performance for continuous delivery, ongoing innovation, enhanced security and reduced deployment risk.

01. Overview

Unify Software Development and IT Operations

Improved customer satisfaction rates propel top-performing companies to adopt DevOps and we want you to be next. Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • Current state Assessment
  • Roadmap and future state
  • Strategy, Design and Implementation
  • Effective DevOps toolsets that help you achieve CI/CD
  • Alert and security automation
  • Collaboration tools and team integration
  • DevOps advisory services for your whole team
  • Ongoing performance optimization

02. Start Here

Building a DevOps Culture

DevOps is more of a company culture than technological execution. As such, it requires a complete overhaul in your company’s organizational practices. Incomplete code testing and deployment are abandoned in favor of more robust procedures. Teams which adopt a DevOps systems approach help inculcate new practices and leadership goals.

We help clients practice DevOps thinking right from the beginning. A proven step by step approach ensures that the entire team successfully migrates to the new dev + ops culture with improved collaboration and accelerated deploy cycles resulting in a fast, secure and agile enterprise
It’s a proven approach that never fails to bring results.

03. Migration

Migrate Legacy Systems

Legacy systems are a challenge for the operations of modern organizations as they limit their changing ability and grow business.

However, they are often systems suited to their purpose, they deliver the expected value and investment in them is justifiable.

The concept of DevOps has come to reduce the separation between existing development and operations teams in software development companies, decreasing the product lifecycle. With this concept comes the practice of continuous delivery, allowing teams to deliver and deploy any version of their software in any computing environment at any time through a fully automated process. This practice improves the feedback of the development process, so that problems are identified and resolved as early as possible.

We propose a formal process for deploying DevOps and its modifications necessary to adapt to legacy systems so that the delivery process of the legacy systems has a short and high quality lifecycle, delivering frequent versions in an automated way.

04. Begin

Let’s Start a Successful DevOps journey together

Our key offerings include:

DevOps Assessment & Strategy: Our experienced team will analyze your current DevOps environment and processes, providing you with an executive summary report which includes a high-level roadmap for recommended improvements.

DevOps Bundle: This bundled stack is for organizations looking to revamp their existing DevOps processes and toolsets. We will deploy a set of virtual images of your existing servers to AWS, Azure, GCP or private cloud. From there, we use a selection of best-of-breed tools to refine your existing processes and provide thorough training. Our mission is to create a proven, reliable and capable base for your DevOps platform, fully managed by our team, with streamlined support and maintenance.

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