On a Fresh Install, On a New OS…Fedora, I noticed I was unable to pull in docker base images. So I ran the following commands to troubleshoot and subsequently fix the issue

[dennisotugo]$ nslookup google.com
Non-authoritative answer:
Name:   google.com
Name:   google.com
Address: 2c0f:fb50:4003:802::200e
[dennisotugo]$ sudo cat /etc/resolv.conf
[sudo] password for dennisotugo:
# Generated by NetworkManager
search lan
[dennisotugo]$ sudo cat /etc/docker/daemon.json
    "dns": ["", ""]
[dennisotugo]$ sudo systemctl start docker

After setting a new DNS server, seems to solve the issue for me. So this solution may vary.

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