Cost Optimization

Get a report breaking down your Cloud Environment spend, you get an in-depth analysis of your spend broken down based on the team and environment, recommendations and actionable next steps

Make Efficient use of your Cloud Spend

Reports providing cost visibility, cost comparison and chargeback can be used to educate business units on correct workload placement based on cost and technical requirements, allowing you to compare apples to apples.

Take action sooner rather than later.

Identify Mis-Provisioned Resources

Manage Reserved Instances (RI)

Minimizing data transfer costs

Custom Contracts

Downsize under-utilized instances

Optimize with accurate recommendations

Forget underprovisioning or overprovisioning and find the perfect resource for the job. Then integrate recommendations into your DevOps processes.

Gain Visibility

Keeping track of the resources you are investing in is just one of many important considerations when you become cloud native.

Make the most of vendor discounts

Build strategies for reservations and other vendor discounts based off your actual usage so you can have complete confidence that you’re paying the lowest possible rate.

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You’ll receive free recommendations tailored to your business.